Premises Liability

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At Brause, Brause & Ventrice, L.L.C., we provide reliable representation to people who suffer injuries caused by the negligence of property owners. Our attorneys have more than 50 combined years of legal experience serving people in need throughout New Jersey. Our Middlesex County premises liability lawyers believe that our success lies in our focus, which is the welfare of our client rather than revenge toward the party at fault. Our goal is a result that both fulfills your current needs and gives you the ability to enjoy a happy, healthy future.

Factors Influencing Premises Liability Cases

Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises reasonably safe for both public and private use. Those who fail to do so run the risk of being held liable in personal injury lawsuits.

At Brause, Brause & Ventrice, L.L.C., our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of premises liability laws, and we know that certain factors can affect your ability to bring a successful lawsuit:

  • Why you were on the property. A personal injury lawyer can prove that you had a valid reason for being on the property.
  • The conditions of the property. The existence of hazards on the property makes it much more likely that you will find success in your case. Such hazards include icy or poorly maintained sidewalks, poor lighting, broken glass, etc. The premises liability lawyers at our Middlesex County firm can demonstrate that your injury occurred as a direct result of hazardous conditions.
  • Proof of negligence. In premises liability, demonstrating fault is important, and in some cases, both parties share fault. Many verdicts in premises liability cases involve distributions of fault by percentage. The less at fault you are, the more compensation you stand to earn.
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