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At Brause, Brause & Ventrice, L.L.C., we zealously advocate on behalf of our clients and prepare each case to obtain fair compensation for clients who have been injured or have suffered a loss as a result of the negligence or wrongful conduct of others.

The following are examples of some of the claims that we pursued and the results that we achieved:

$4,200,000.00 Employment Settlement – Cash payout and benefits for an employee who was subjected to years of sexual orientation stereotyping in the workplace, which resulted in unlawful discrimination and harassment in violation of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.

$1,125,000.00 Construction Accident Settlement – A 47 year old construction worker sustained serious injuries, including multiple fractures and psychological trauma when he fell through an unmarked hole while working on the roof of a building that was under renovation, landing two stories below. This lawsuit against the general contractor and two subcontractors was settled during jury selection.

$350,000.00 Slip and Fall on Poorly Maintained Apartment Sidewalk with Snow and Ice – A 54 year old Essex County woman suffered serious personal injuries that required a total hip replacement and prevented her from returning to her employment working with developmentally disabled adults, when she slipped and fell on a poorly maintained sidewalk and snow and ice in front of an apartment complex.

$350,000.00 Parole Board Liability Settlement – A 42 year old woman was the victim of a violent crime that was perpetrated against her by her estranged husband in 1997. Her husband was criminally charged, convicted, and sentenced to a prison term. After serving his prison term, he was released and placed on parole in late 2008. In 2010, his Parole Officers wrongfully permitted him to visit his wife in another state; at which time, he stabbed her several times about her body. We successfully settled this matter with the New Jersey Parole Board before filing suit.

$325,000.00 Motor Vehicle Rear End Accident Settlement – A 61 year old special needs service provider was a passenger in a minivan that was rear ended in Newark by a truck. She suffered serious injuries to her neck and her right knee with tears of the medial and lateral meniscus that required a knee replacement.

$300,000.00 Workplace Accident and Defective Product Settlement – A 35 year old laborer suffered serious injuries, including a partial amputation of three fingers and post traumatic stress disorder in a workplace accident. His injuries were the result of dangerous conditions in the workplace and defective machinery that was being used in an exceptionally dangerous manner.

$300,000.00 Private Security Excessive Force Settlement – A 38 year old supermarket shoplifter suffered serious injuries, including the loss of an eye and post traumatic stress disorder. His injuries were the result of unreasonable and excessive force that was used on him by security personnel of the supermarket.

$285,000.00 Parking Lot Slip and Fall Settlement. A 74 year old woman slipped and fell in an unmarked depression in the pavement in a commercial parking lot. Her injuries required a hip replacement, follow up rehabilitation, and physical therapy.

$207,500.00 Employment and Defamation Settlement – A 39 year old salesperson was wrongfully terminated by his employer, and his employer then defamed him in his field.

$180,000.00 Negligent Fire Settlement – A 44 year old Hunterdon County man was seriously injured while he attempted to extinguish a roadside fire that threatened the safety of his family and his home. He suffered an internal derangement to his right knee with a medial meniscus tear that required two surgeries. The fire was caused by a dump truck that was pulling a flat bed trailer hauling hay bales that caught fire and had pulled to the side of the road across the street from our client’s property.

$125,000.00 Employment Medical Leave Settlement – A 64 year old woman was wrongfully terminated by her employer after taking medical leave for a cardiac condition. Her employer failed to provide her with a reasonable accommodation to extend her medical leave.

$121,000.00 Failure to Accommodate Handicap Access and Injuries Settlement – A 57 year old disabled woman suffered serious injuries to her shoulder and arm that required a rotator cuff repair, when she fell from her wheelchair after after having had to park in an area that was at an unsafe location based upon her disability due to insufficient handicap parking.

$65,000.00 Nursing and Hospital Negligence Settlement – A 41-year patient in a hospital was recovering from a surgical procedure that required general anesthesia. While still feeling the effects of the anesthesia and pain medication, a nurse left her unattended in a rest room, when she lost consciousness and fell to the floor, suffering a rupture of her left ankle and a high fibular fracture, requiring surgery.

$40,000.00 Motor Vehicle Intersection Accident Settlement – A 26 year old woman suffered injuries to her neck, back, and knee, including bulging and herniated discs, strains, and sprains, in a motor vehicle accident in an intersection in which our client had the right of way.

$20,000.00 Dog Bite Settlement – A 29 year old guest at a residence was attacked by a pit bull. The owners of the pit bull kept the dog at their residence without warning or protecting our client.

The foregoing are offered only as examples of some of the results that we have obtained, and involve specific factual and legal circumstances that are unique to the individual cases. These examples should not be construed or interpreted to suggest that we may obtain similar results in your case.

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