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With more than 60 combined years of legal experience, the legal team at Brause, Brause & Ventrice, L.L.C., are well versed in the laws governing drug crimes. As passionate and seasoned litigators, our Middlesex County drug crime lawyers will zealously defend you in court. Outside of the courtroom, we remain open and responsive to your needs at all times, working directly with you throughout your case to keep you fully informed.

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we will explore every avenue of defense. At the outset, we will investigate whether the methods that were used by members of law enforcement were constitutionally sound. If the arresting officer did not have the right to search your home, your vehicle, your person, or your property where drugs were found, this would amount to an unlawful search and seizure, in which case, the drugs that were discovered would not be admissible in court, which would typically lead to a dismissal of the charges. In those cases in which the search and seizure appears to be lawful, we will investigate whether there is sufficient evidence to link you to the drugs that were found, or whether you were merely present at the location where drugs were found. In either case, our criminal defense attorneys will take the time to discuss and explain all of the evidence and the legal issues in your case with you so that we may arrive at the best course of action.

Are you facing drug charges, but you need treatment rather than incarceration? Certain drug-involved offenders who are most likely to benefit from treatment and do not pose a risk to public safety may be given the opportunity to have their charges handled in Drug Court in the Superior Court of New Jersey. Drug Courts have achieved notable success because of their intensive supervision, frequent drug testing, and regular court appearances, combined with treatment and recovery services. The drug crime lawyers at our Middlesex County practice recently persuaded various County Prosecutors’ Offices throughout the State to allow a client of ours who had drug charges in approximately 10 different municipalities to participate in Drug Court to address her addiction and avoid a lengthy period of incarceration.

Were you the victim of an illegal search that resulted in criminal charges? Members of law enforcement do not have unbridled authority to search you, your car, or your home. If a court finds that contraband was found only after the police conducted an illegal search and seizure, the contraband that was found may not be used against you. We research and evaluate every case to determine whether our clients’ constitutional rights were violated, and when appropriate, we ardently argue against the use of evidence that was the result of an unconstitutional unlawful search and seizure.

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