Divorce Mediation

The Middlesex County divorce mediation attorneys at Brause, Brause & Ventrice, L.L.C., are experienced mediators, who can help you resolve your divorce through mediation so that you may move on with your life and avoid costly and time consuming litigation.

About Mediation

Mediation is a means of resolving your differences with the help of a trained, impartial third party to facilitate communication to help you reach a mutually acceptable settlement of your divorce. The mediator does not make decisions regarding the outcome of the case, but rather provides the parties with the opportunity to express feelings and diffuse anger, clear up misconceptions, determine the underlying interests or concerns, find areas of agreement, and ultimately, incorporate a mutually agreed upon solution into a written agreement. A mediator does not represent either party and does not offer legal advice. Parties are encouraged to retain their own attorneys to advise them of their rights during the mediation process.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is designed to facilitate settlements in an informal, non-adversarial manner. In mediation, the parties work with the mediator to achieve the common goals of resolving their differences and moving on with their lives. Mediation provides a means to reach a resolution that is acceptable to both parties, without the financial and emotional cost and time that would otherwise be required by litigation. Mediation provides you with the opportunity to craft your own settlement with terms that best suit the needs of your family, so that you may control your own destiny, rather than leave your future in the hands of a judge.

When to Consider Mediation

Our divorce mediation lawyers recognize that you and your spouse want to get through a divorce amicably and expeditiously so that they may move on with your lives. The timing of your mediation depends on when you are both ready to move on with your lives. Once you are both committed to resolving your differences through mediation, our divorce mediators will work with you to promptly reach a resolution.

You may choose to engage in mediation before either of you files a complaint for divorce, or even while your divorce is pending. In some situations, parties even engage in mediation after their divorce to resolve disputes that may have arisen years after their divorce.

The Courts throughout the State of New Jersey encourage divorce litigants to resolve cases on your own and through mediation as you are able to control your own futures by reaching an agreement that is acceptable to both of you. Otherwise, you will leave decisions that will affect your family to a virtual stranger, the judge. In fact, if you do not resolve your divorce on your own or through mediation, every divorce in the State of New Jersey will be sent to economic mediation before a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel (MESP). The MESP is a program in which experienced matrimonial attorneys volunteer their time to assist divorce litigants resolve financial issues. If your case is not settled through MESP, you will be sent to Post-MESP economic mediation, in which you appear before a qualified mediator selected by you or the Court.

Qualified Mediators

The Middlesex County divorce mediation lawyers at Brause, Brause & Ventrice, L.L.C., draw upon their more than 60 years combined experience in divorce and family law to provide you with mediation services to address the unique needs of your family. Courts, colleagues, and members of the community regularly call upon us to mediate difficult divorce and family law matters.

Both of our attorneys have been appointed to serve as Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelists in Middlesex County based upon their experience, knowledge, and reputation.

Peter Ventrice has also been qualified as a mediator and admitted to the roster of Mediators for Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases that is maintained by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts under Court Rule 1:40.

Virtual Mediation Sessions via Zoom

Our attorneys have been conducting mediation sessions via Zoom with effective use of breakout rooms since the COVID-19 pandemic. We have found that our clients often still prefer to hold sessions via Zoom for a variety of reasons . This way, you may proceed with mediation now even though in person sessions may not be convenient for you. By conducting mediation sessions using breakout rooms, your mediator has the ability to conduct some or all of each session with both parties in the same virtual room with the mediator and to breakout of the room and meet with each party in separate private virtual rooms, depending on the needs of the case and the preference of the parties. Of course, if you prefer in person sessions rather than virtual sessions, we are available to conduct mediation sessions in person at our office.

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